1- pack of diodes, cool but I'm all topped up
2- chipquik solder paste, bought before, good stuff
3- variable capacitor, ok thou I don't do analog stuff
4- new type of solder paste, may have to check em out
5- ferrite cores, good for what interference ails ya!

6- ... wtf amazon AI, wtf? why
What possibly... I don't even :{

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@dissy Only a criminal will buy such wacky crime gear. You are clearly trying to hack some mainframe here

@dissy Sometimes it feels like the Amazon recommendation system is just trolling for fun. I’ll be on a long streak of reading horror novels then it’ll pop up like “So I heard you like serial killers. Here have this period piece romance novel.”

@dissy I kept reading diodes as dildos for some reason. 🤣🤣

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