1- pack of diodes, cool but I'm all topped up
2- chipquik solder paste, bought before, good stuff
3- variable capacitor, ok thou I don't do analog stuff
4- new type of solder paste, may have to check em out
5- ferrite cores, good for what interference ails ya!

6- ... wtf amazon AI, wtf? why
What possibly... I don't even :{

I bought some random japanese noodle cups, with no idea ahead of time what any of these are or say.

It will be my Advent Calendar of Noodle.
Each one a seasonally wonderful, or woefully tragic (probably tragic), holiday times surprise!

@Kazuki Happy birthday!
I made you a hand krafted cake

ps, sorry there are no hands in it.

pps, probably shouldn't eat it either, it's mostly made of foam, glue, and popsicle sticks.

Aww Audie, you coulda asked me, I'd of played hide and seek with you!

I mean, I probably wouldn't have gone looking for you... But that's way less sad than the thing you just said!

The forth dimensional meme shirts combined are just too powerful to be in the minds of the normal folk.

@Kazuki (I did not know this!)

This is one of my favorite AI generated images.

That feeling is your brain crashing while trying to identify objects, when none exist.

Also available are a themed end table for holding up the consoles hefty bulk, and themed stools to perch upon while playing

Never sure the order these will end up, but..
Two of them seem unnerved by my presence. I swear I didn't do it!

I caught Elvis peeping on Judy.

As for Audie, well you know how it is. Friends help you move, best friends help you hide the body...

πŸŽ΅β€‹ one of these things is not like the others, one of these things does not belong 🎡

No witches, no flying cows, just a brief Internet outage.

Seems this is what all the hubbub was over.

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...and my store is closed, because ofc.
Apologizes in advance to whomever gets a 120 bell cardboard box randomly as a gift.

Check out dat fresh new bootah!
I just fished it up to make a pair ;D

It's 4:30 AM so not sure what meal this counts as, but no matter
It is very yummy, much bowl, so chicken

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