Motor controller for 3d printer bed
+ computer controlled sewing machine
= computer aided embroidery!

I've always wanted a burny laser >:D
Wonder what it would take to add 'pew pew' sound effects

This is possibly one of the most laziness enabling things I've ever made.
A 1" wifi oled screen to show the 3d printers status.
Just so I don't have to walk all the way to the room right next to me :P
(PS snap-fit for the win!)

Decided for no particular reason to make a mini macro-keypad out of some cherry mx red keys and a custom case. Shows as a usb keyboard, sends Function 13-20 to not conflict with my real keyboard.
Just need to make and print out some keycaps and a panel (the hard part!)

Making parts for your printer, with your printer.

Alternately: This thing can stream live to youtube? wtf would wanna watch that 🤨​


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