@ilikethequiet (USA) Nothing required or standardized.
You can choose one of the dozens of apps that popped up but I've never heard of anyone actually using any of them.

@NetNerdy That's a lot of eyes :O
Lots of eye puns needed. The cornea, the bettah

@MysticKnight Good to hear!
Mines Friday. Am hoping for no worse than a little thomas the tank hitting me

@Alpha66 Now all you need to complete the collection is a number of 1/12 scale squirrels to buckle in the driver seats

@nulani @countzero heh wow, I saw that same bug over a year ago (before I knew there was an issue tracker.) We were equally baffled.


@Alpha66 hah nice!
A little over-priced, thou not quite as bad as radio shack at least

1- pack of diodes, cool but I'm all topped up
2- chipquik solder paste, bought before, good stuff
3- variable capacitor, ok thou I don't do analog stuff
4- new type of solder paste, may have to check em out
5- ferrite cores, good for what interference ails ya!

6- ... wtf amazon AI, wtf? why
What possibly... I don't even :{

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Hi turbos, as you all know Rudds unfortunately passed yesterday. And as a community we should try to show our love and support during these hard times. @cutepiku elected to make a group card, so please add any thoughtful messages/pictures of Rudds through the following link.


@MrBlow I didn't do it, you can't prove anyt..oh..oh! 1k1kongrats!!!

@Trancilian I now remember why I didn't use that inbox mode.. it still doesn't let you filter the 'main' inbox :{

Priority mode also has the same limit

Might try looking into some real filtering instead of just display filters thou. Most of my issues stem from the old category tab labels from classic mode

@Trancilian That's quite the interesting layout.

I didn't know they added collapsible inboxes!
Mine has an "is:starred" top-10 above my main inbox. Now thinking of switching it to the side like yours to fit more in there

@NerdinaCan I'm excited for not-2020. Does that count?

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