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@ilikethequiet That prompted me to look at some of my shots I haven't posted yet...
And I'm starting to think I'm a bad person πŸ˜Ÿβ€‹

Evil project idea of the day:
Cheap throwie IR blaster that sends TV remote "off" codes at random intervals.

A padauk micro controller, IR led, and battery, for $0.74 each
(So long as one buys parts in quantities of 1000)

That's a lot of hilarious chaos for $740 >:D
*tries hard to resist setting up kickstarter*

"A sense of time"

Had to run to the store, cashier said "have a nice holiday" when I was expecting "..nice day", auto-replied "you too" before brain kicked in and could ask wtf.

Got home, looked at calendar on wall to see, and it was still open to February.

See memorial day is tomorrow. Cool. Except wait, no one mentioned this last week at work. Including a "see ya on monday"

Are we open? Closed? Did I even program the front door to not unlock itself 9-5?

I don't even day anymore :{

So most of my island residents have now come up to me worried, some in a panic, trying to sell an item because they are in dire straights to get money.

Tom Nook must be tightening the thumb screws down something fierce :/

This cannot be allowed to continue...

πŸŽ΅β€‹ one of these things is not like the others, one of these things does not belong 🎡

No witches, no flying cows, just a brief Internet outage.

Seems this is what all the hubbub was over.

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Fun. Tornado sirens going off. A touchdown was spotted 7 miles south of here.

*equips golden net*
Time to catch a wicked witch!

Just caught my last spring-only bug, the annoying cricket.

Only one last spring-only fish to find before month end. Already gone through 120 fish bait this week. This doesn't bode well :{

So it seems my island residents have even gone so far as to rename my character...

I'm not sure how to feel about this.
Tom Nook first takes your bells, then your dignity, and in the end, even takes your own name away :{


...and my store is closed, because ofc.
Apologizes in advance to whomever gets a 120 bell cardboard box randomly as a gift.

Check out dat fresh new bootah!
I just fished it up to make a pair ;D

It's 4:30 AM so not sure what meal this counts as, but no matter
It is very yummy, much bowl, so chicken

What have you done Nook?!

Days, if not a couple weeks, spent pissing off a villager enough to leave and free up a spot...
Weekend finally comes, time to get amiibo tags in order, finally can try to invite one I want.

Nook sold the house! The bastard!

I hope Sylvana doesn't suck and annoy me.. or up on a lvl 2 cliff with no stairs she goes

I finally figured out how to get a villager to leave!
All it took was surrounding their home in barbed wire and waiting for the next morning.
Today she said she feels unwanted and is packing in the morning :D

@MrBlow Wanna become animal crossing best friends?
In exchange I'll mail you a locust once a day for the next three months

Woah thunder and lightning on my island!
*Goes outside with conductive fishing rod*

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