im starting to get nervous that my level of effort on my turbomas card was lacking... 😰 i shoulda done more!

‪to the turbo who is my secret turbo buddy and doesnt know who they r yet: im sorry i havent sent my card yet the past couple of weeks have been hectic and hard but i swear im sending it today!!!!!‬

i wish i had a friendsgiving this year cuz man i dont feel like spending time with family right now

aaaaa im so excited for this card exchange i love getting involved in the community and i love holidays and friendship and

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Hey buds! Just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day to sign up for our Turbo Card Exchange!

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i would like to spend more time in this community and actually try to spend time with people

went back and watched the first phoenix wright game and it turns out its just recycled from an old character

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“I’m saving up my moral licenses for the day that I need to kill a person.”

im having friends over today and i miss them so much i have very few local friends these days so! its nice!!!! im excited i wish they were here already

havent been on toot in a minute sry guys life is hard

this mayb a dumb questions but whats with all the 👁 usage here is there a meme i miss or something

im rewatching ye olde apollo justice playthrough and man i weirdly really like Brushel’s theme music?? its just good, not at all as annoying as the character.

any turbos got some kind or uplifting words this evening? possibly even just a wholesome image to share? its a rough night

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