Finally got around to starting Watchmen on HBO and it’s so fucking good.

I lost weight after thanksgiving. Body, I do not understand you.

Knives Out was absolutely fantastic. Highly recommend to anyone that likes a good murder mystery.

Ok, so I just officially finished Death Stranding. I genuinely really loved the story and even got pretty emotional near the end which I wasn't expecting. It's just such a shame I found the gameplay pretty horrendous from beginning to end (though I'll concede that it did get a bit better as the game went on). I still find it hard to recommend, but also it is a game that I'm glad exists. Love it or hate it, it is creative without a doubt.

I got to swim with wild whale sharks and sea lions yesterday and it was probably the coolest experience I’ve ever had.

Control got nominated for GOTY. I’m happy

From someone who is actually beginning to enjoy my time with Death Stranding, the overwhelming discourse of "This game is so different because it's not a shooter" seems so ridiculous to me. A.) There are SO many games that come out every year that aren't shooters. This isn't unique. B.) (spoilers?) You have a gun in Death Stranding.

@grable I’m watching brink and I can still quote this entire movie.

Oh god, Disney plus has all the old Disney channel original movies. My childhood!

I’m about 5-10 hours into death stranding so far. Loving the story and world. Words cannot express how irritating I find the gameplay.

I tried the impossible burger and ordered it with bacon on top. I didn’t even realize the irony of that till I started eating it. lmao

Having to photoshop food photography when you do intermittent fasting in the mornings is a rough time. Would not recommend.

@FarFromSubtle @MissBlow

Just a heads up if you guys were interested! Afterparty releases tomorrow (it's from the creators of Oxenfree). You guys seemed a bit interested in the most recent trailer during the last state of play:

Going to a haunted corn maze tonight. Can’t wait to lose my voice screaming. 😅

A client sent revisions today and misspelled 'smoke' as 'somke'. 😂​

I don't play Fallout 76, but that new subscription service is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. $99 a year for a few features that should have already been in the game? What is Bethesda thinking.

I’m on a low sodium diet, sitting at jiffy lube, and all I can smell is that goddamn popcorn machine. Someone send help.

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