Hey turbo overwatchers! We are doing our turbo custom matches very soon if anyone wants to join! Any and all are welcome!

So, weirdest thing. The Countdown Clock refused to accept the word "Giant". So I couldn't use The Iron Giant in the title. It kept changing it to The Iron ***, like I was typing in a swear word. So ODD!

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Geoff Keighley just followed me on Twitter 😳😳😳

I did it, guys.

That last 7 star combat simulator battle was.... insanely difficult

Just a reminder! We are doing overwatch custom pick up games (Pugs) in about 3 hours for anyone that wants to join! If you’ve never joined them before just let me know and I can help out. 😃

Hey everyone, PS4 Turbo Overwatch Pick-Up Games (PUGs) are coming back this Saturday (4/18) at 7 EST/4 PST with Echo! Hoping to be able to host these every other Saturday for a while, so come by and play with some TURBOs!

Playing through FF7 for the first time knowing nothing has been an insane experience so far. It carries with it such a gravitas, and I can really feel how iconic many of these scenes and characters are. Every time something big happens it just seems so memorable. Absolutely loving it.

Thank you for all the lovely Ffstv character suggestions! XD

The Control Foundation story dlc is really reminding me how much I loved this game. SO GOOD.

Went hiking at Tent Rocks today. The Southwest US is such unique and beautiful place. ❤️

Just had a dream that I bought dreams and made an amazing game and @FarFromSubtle loved it so much he trapped me in his dream and made me make dreams for him. I asked him for coke and he payed me in Pepsi:/

The Witcher books are so damn good. I’m on the fourth one now and completely obsessed.

I’ve had my ears pierced for 15 years. I don’t put earrings in for 4 days and the piercings are already trying to close up on me. I think I’m wolverine guys.

Ok I’ve officially finished the 2 week best picture marathon at my local theater today and here’s my list from favorite to least. Some really good ones this year.

Jojo Rabbit
Ford vs Ferrari
Little women
Once upon a Time in Hollywood
The Irishman

Marriage story

I completed the beat saber campaign and am unabashedly proud of myself. *screams to rooftops*

Finally saw Joker. The acting was great, but I sadly did not like it nearly as much as I thought I would. I had so many issues with the story and kind of became numb to the onslaught of disturbing imagery by the end of it.

We will be doing ps4 overwatch turbo custom games (pugs) in about 3 hours if any turbos would like to join! Just let me know and I can add you to the psn community!

Yikes guys... I'm gonna chalk most of that Red Dead time to me trying to platinum it early last year. Does this make me feel better about it?.... no not really lol

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The PSN 2019 wrapup is here! This is always fun (and also makes me guilt trip myself for how much I play games haha) playstation.com/en-us/campaign

The cat's out of the bag!!! Introducing ONE COMMUNITY, ONE GAME! A Community Event where we all play and discuss a game throughout the month. This Month's Game??? OXENFREE! Pre game discussion Starts TODAY in the Discord! Game Discussion starts FEBRUARY

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