I was playing Red Dead Online, and a new player tried to give me a bird carcass but accidentally kicked my horse instead. He immediately drowned himself in the lake.

There is still hope for humanity. lmao

@grable That’s great lol. I need to get back into RD online. I had a great moment where some guys killed me and stole my hunting loot... I followed them to a nearby town. They went inside a gun store, so I planted dynamite next to the door and blew them up as they came out. I then ran off with one of their horses, laughing like a maniac. I still have the footage on my PlayStation I believe.

@grable the other day me and another player accidentally ran headfirst into each other on our horses. My horse came out unscathed but his needed to be revived and he didn’t have any reviver so began running to the nearest shop. I went over and revived his horse, got on, rode it to him, gave him a wave then rode off on my horse. Was a nice moment.

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