Hey Turbo PS4 Overwatchers! @rth1089 and I will be hosting our Turbo pick up games (PUGS) this Friday (7/5) at 7pm EST, 4pm PST. Anyone is free to join! Feel free to ask if you have never played them before and have any questions!

@grable @rth1089 good to know. Need to prepare myself for the he inevitable staying up till 5am 👍🏻

@TheMinett @rth1089 I’m sorry haha. I promise we will do an EU time-friendly one soon!!!

@grable @rth1089 it’s all good! As long as it’s the weekend I don’t mind

@grable @rth1089 i will try my very best to turn up. Living in uk can sometimes suck because of time zones!!!

@grable @rth1089 that sounds good! It was fun playing with y’all last time. You some funny peeps!

@Y2kraykray @rth1089 yes we’d love to have you back! The man with the best psn name in existence 😂

@grable @rth1089 all thx to @MissBlow and her amazing T-shirt. The best shirt I own 😆

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