Hey all PS4 Turbo Overwatchers! @rth1089 and I have finally gotten around to making a psn community for the Turbo Pick up Games (PUGS). This way we will now be able to add events on psn that will update everyone in the community on the date and time of the next pugs. If you'd like to join and play with us sometime, just look up "Turbo Pugs" in the community search area! You can also tell me your username on here and I can send you an invite. All turbos are welcome and we'd love to see you there!

Also, I sent out a bunch of invites to people who have come to them in the past, but I'm sorry if I missed anyone. I promise it wasn't on purpose. haha

@grable @rth1089 would definitely love to join just an FYI haven’t played overwatch in over a year so

@MrBlow @rth1089 That's ok! There's people of all different skill levels that play! What is your psn name? I can send an invite. :)

@grable @rth1089 I should already be in the PS4 turbo community it’s Bodypeenn

@grable @rth1089 I haven't played Overwatch in awhile, but that rear buttons attachment that is coming out for the DS4 makes me want to get back into it. My PSN is PersonalJudas101.

@grable @rth1089 I'd like to join in on some Turbo Overwatch. My PSN is PDCwutang. Thanks!

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