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My switch FC is SW 2520 8868 9789 incase anyone wants to play games together I have smash and other multiplayer games

I'm writing this because I know you guys wont judge, but i'm not quite sure how to put this. Ever since the covid crap started and i've been locked in my home, every day feels worse and worse, to the point where i cant stop thinking about killing myself, and every where you go on the internet there's some one talking about horrible things and i'm just slowly losing my will to exist. I feel like people aren't meant to be forced to stay in one place at all times. Idk I just don't know what to do.

@MissBlow Have you heard of bokksu me and gf got one for new years and it has all kinds of japanese snacks like Setouchi Sudauchi is one of the things it seems really good and makes me want authentic food from there.

How do i make text a spoiler warning i did what i thought the code was for it and now i look dumb?

I'm on episode 3 of the witcher and so far it's passable not as bad as i was expecting [spoiler] I don't like that ciri is the main character. Not a fan of her character she's an over done cliche'. [spoiler]

Does anyone know a good lepel style microphone like fraser uses my blue yeti is starting to go bad and my noise gate is starting fail.

it's been real guys my entire career was demonetized

So apparently the american government is trying to ruin youtube for everyone this is getting out of hand the older generation doesn't seem to know a fucking thing except how to line their pockets with money. Going live with some pokemon sword on the third gym and working on the dex!

Going live with Pokemon Sword it should be fun! I'm at the first gym.

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