Still watching he Mighty Ducks series, it’s still good!

Put together a Google sheet for Turbo PSN IDs, Switch codes, Steam names, etc for ease of access! Add your pro gamer names if you feel like it

I watched Mighty Ducks: Game changers last night and actually I thought it was pretty cute. I can’t believe Emilio Estevez came back for it.

This is -news!-

Also a warning for this post, this contains spiders, lots of them. If you have arachnophobia please do not click!

A little background, we are having heavy floods in parts of the country, it brings the creepy craw lies out.

@Kaptainawesome89 I do! I've never seen the other version. -squinty eyes at Joss Whedon-

@Kaptainawesome89 Perhaps that is true. There were some interesting parts to what I saw, (I made it through a good chunk before I stopped watching) maybe I will go back and finish it.

Watching Justice League, can't tell if it's good or not? For the most part for me, it lacks emotion.

@CosmicSoul at the very least, since this is all Snyder's vision it should be more consistent storytelling-wise? I just worry about what is actually in the movie, I read those storyboards about what was supposed to happen in the original part 2 and 3

Should I, someone who has never properly seen Justice League watch the new one? I am not a fan of Zack Snyder, but I guess I want to see what the fuss is about. Twitter acting like it's going to be this generation's Citizen Kane, oh honey...

I love Dragon Age: Inquisition but I also think that is a little -too- open world. if they narrowed the scope, I don't think that would be a bad thing.

@Kaptainawesome89 Well parts of the Arrowverse at least! As a couple they're great, they look the part and they have big dorky parent energy. Not too sure on the kids? Maybe they will grow on me.

@Jesslb429 @Flashpoint It was a great episode! People underestimated how far Marvel would go with their red herrings, lolz.

It was so well shot and emotional at the same time, when I first heard about the sitcom thing I wasn't sure about it but it worked so well.

I follow about 6 people on TikTok who have been theorizing on how WandaVision was going to end and none of them were right! 🤣​

@Alpha66 I love people who can draw, they are so underrated. I follow this person on Twitter, no idea who they are because all their posts are in Japanese but the art is so cute, I like it whenever I see it 😍​

Pokemon presents! I don't know, I think the chibi style is cute 🤷​

I’ve a question, Turbos! Does anyone actually pay for their Twitch? Subscribe to channels and the like?

@Zaziuma Disney does own Fox now, so they get access to a lot more things! Because of Disney+ Star yesterday I watched me some early 2000s sitcoms, oh yeah.

I woke up late, did we actually learn anything from Blizzcon?

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