@Vanquish123 I've never really gotten into play online coop, though I will admit I do it for Avengers. Most of the time however I turn my mic off, I don't like dealing with people. 😋​👁️​

I roll my eyes so hard when I hear people complain about the price of games. $60-70 in America is about $115 in Australia.

Let’s do a poll everybody! Will you be buying the Animal Crossing DLC?

@Flashpoint @Jesslb429 @Vanquish123

Most of the cast is really solid! I mean I can see Jack Black as Bowser, sure! I'm certainly going to be watching it.

I know people have issues with Chris Pratt but maybe it could be good? I mean they can filter voices a lot, you probably wouldn't even know it was him doing it.

It's going to be weird just to hear Mario say a sentence 😮​

I thought this was quite amusing, the Internet experiencing a collective hysteria over the Mario movie casting 😂​


Nintendo Direct Tomorrow, kids. Not at the usual time, could they be announcing something big? 🤔​

Today on ‘You Know You’re Old When’:

TikTok’s current crisis is they are too young to know what Rule 34 is.

Oh…oh no…😳

@MysticKnight @Vanquish123 And she'll have a password book, but it has passwords from ages ago that she obviously changed and now doesn't know the new ones.

@Vanquish123 big same, they are like here fix this for me and my response is how am I supposed to know your password?👁️​

@luckyrooster19 Paint Your Wagon is so dorky and not what you first think of when you think of Clint Eastwood, but it's kind of fun 😀​

We gotsa Show and Trailer this weekend buddies!

Countdown: bit.ly/ST102021 (Saturday, for most of you)

See YOU there!

Hoping that if we have friends in the New York area that they are staying safe tonight, the flooding videos on Twitter are crazy.

@Alimus true, but you put other things on it too! Like chicken! And ham! with the butter!

This bread and butter discussion is very interesting, I need to find some English types I can ask.

@MysticKnight One, I totally put chips on sandwiches, they're yummy :blob_cookie:​ Two, perhaps it is a British/Australian thing because yeah butter on all sandwiches.

I saw this thing on TikTok that blew my mind, so I must ask the Americans: Do you put butter on your sandwiches?

I got my first vaccine shot today! I feel pretty okay!

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