Most recent model from a tutorial (grant abbit) I have way to many things I want to create to keep up with 3D so my progress is very slow. Hopefully after the holidays I can jump back in. I’ve stopped wanting to monetise it as a hobby/career so it’s been a massive part of de stressing.

Wow, the game awards nominations are a joke 🙃

Loving watching Frash learn Dreams tutorials while I do my own studying. Now I understand why people love those study with me videos on YouTube. Takes me back to good ol college days

Happy Halloweenies Turbo Camp, stay safe 💕🎃

Also super duper excited for the spooky Halloween shows coming. I missed it so much

Been a busy few weeks but now I get to catch up on the VODs. Super happy you guys are giving Minecraft another try.

I’m so mad, someone posted a story about a really good looking cheese tonkatsu restaurant in Tokyo yesterday and I didn’t save it. Now it’s all I’m craving

Finally kicking my ass into gear to 3D after putting it off for months. I’m having more fun than I expected.

This game is so well done! I’m loving every moment. This is for sure a Becky Blow game. I hope you guys find time to play it on the show ☺️

It’s almost time ☺️✨      
What are you guys hoping for the most today? I’ve got my heart set on some sort of Dragon Age update but I’m trying not to get my hopes up.


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