The real birthday present for @FarFromSubtle is that Hilah Kitchen is posting weekly vids again

Happy Birthday to Coach Frash and Happy Belated to Mama Beck! I remember being a teary eyed college Freshman when I first met y'all and now im a teary eyed master's student with two good friends! So happy for the both of you and I hope your birthdays are fantastic and wonderous!

(and as is tradition I post this family photo from 2015...can you believe???)

y'all ever think about how the driller killer in slumber party massacre II is the son of the guy who was the Founder and CEO of little ceaser's pizza

Most predators have a specific reason to kill, such as food or to protect their young. The horse is one of the few predators to kill purely for sport.

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If you all haven't been watching Bon Appetit by now then get a move on and start

Just started the Testaments (aka the Sequel to Handmaid's tale) and god....Maragaret Atwood....slaps guys obviously have to watch Black Christmas

also adding to the "I knew of @grable due to her edits being reposted on tumblr before I met her" aka marvel stans all owe your lives to her cuz of glitter and gold lmaoooo

guns tw/ 


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I've spent the last week only listening to the Dollop and i don't regret anything

tfw a celeb u have a crush on signs a poster calling u their "angel" completely unprompted like lmao i die👁️​

You really don’t need a scouter to see the power level of my outfit ✨✨✨

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