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I've spent the last week only listening to the Dollop and i don't regret anything

tfw a celeb u have a crush on signs a poster calling u their "angel" completely unprompted like lmao i die👁️​

You really don’t need a scouter to see the power level of my outfit ✨✨✨

Another book finished! From here to eternity is an insightful look on how different cultures around the world take care of their dead! Doughty is fun and bright! Her excited curiosity outweighing the heavy subject matter while still being poignant and genuine!! If u have time Please give this a read!!!

The Cherry groves?? Are planted on beds of human ash??

Honestly? What a beautiful ceremony the kotsuage is

“I remember the funeral halls before the smoking rooms...mixing the cigarette smoke with funeral incense was terrible”

At Doughty’s description of Ruriden I had to look up pics

Getting back into “from here to eternity” a book about death rituals around the world and got to the Japan ch. will report back

Reba did this amazing commission of me as Red from Transistor ✨✨✨ go follow them @rebamedia on Twitter 😭

These bitches are so fuckin ugly i need like 6 pairs

I need a pair of Fila Disruptors so fuckin bad give me the big ch0nky sneakers pls

Steven Ogg's Instagram Thirst Traps feel like they were directed by David Lynch like it's just chaotic shit but he's always shirtless and idk how to fee about that

missed the APT cuz i am dumb and can't read time right

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