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PSA to all my friends, CLEAN OUT YOUR LINT TRAPS! Also cancel that subscription you forgot your paying for.

"we're boyfriend and girlfriend and we love to get scared together" god we stan

Welp it's been a week time to rewatch the Dead Meat podcast about Hereditary

Trying to introduce beep to my parents dog and it is not going great

wish i could post more about my research but im under NDA...however i now know A LOT about the airline industry

Literally dragged her tower across the state of Texas so she’d feel comfy in my parents apartment I really do love this bitch

god i want to listen to the new Tyler the Creator and Megan Thee Stallion on my drive tomorrow but my MOTHER WILL BE IN THE CAR LMAO

Keanu Reeves rearrange my guts challenge

y'all ever see something so beautiful u start crying?

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