pws use this piccrew to make urself here is me

celebrate national nonbinary day by venmoing me 20$

everyone saying that melatonin works for them lmaooo like i wish that were me...Hydroxizine all day (night) baby

y'all know birds ain't real, right?

I'm not like other turbos...

actually....i'm not even a turbo

because on all levels except physical...

i'm a wolf

all of u who suggested ace attorney and a way out are valid but i am extremely selfish and want yakuza 0 thanks

John Marston: hey uhh it's ya boi...uhhh...skinny penis

time only seems to go forward because numbers go forward...makes you think

@grable: how ya doin rth?

@rth1089: [long silence] [large sigh]

@grable @rth1089

some cult shit: [happens]

rth: i am calling the police

@grable @rth1089 we just got to the part where they show the video and rth let out the LARGEST SIGH

@grable @rth1089

me: [talking about the invitation] oh ye i fuckin love this movie

me: [watching the invitation] hey...fuck this

@grable and i are showing @rth1089 the invitation for the first time and we're already having a bad time

Turbos are any of y’all into bullet journaling?? I just got back in the habit again and was wondering if anyone else did it (if so do i guys follow any bujo instas/utubes/blogs gimme recs!!)

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