I'm avoiding all the Disco Elysium shows because I want to play it on my own when it comes to Switch this summer *impatiently stares at lack of release date for Switch* :cat_sigh:

When you're reading up on a twitter you particularly like and you see another Turbo in the wild! :blobsurprisedpikachu:​ Small online world, @Ethvau !

Bugsnax show for mah birthday woot woot (well okay birthweek)

It Takes Two: Moon Baboon!

Me: *whispers* that's a Mandrill

Today was Taylor's annual - because she's allergic to the rabies shot (aaaaand because she is super bitey at the vet's), she has to have light anesthesia for her visits. The tech being able to hold her like this is proof that she is one doped up little kitty. :blobheartcat:

(Result: doing good for a 16 year old!)

@MissBlow omg Becky, on the Video Kid stream! The Carebear like thing that folded up was a Popple, I had one too!!!

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I'm trying to watch The Video Kid video because the 80s are my jam and I love it alllllll - but every time the Ninja Turtles show up, my brain's like, omg Ninja Turtles, when is the last time I watched that movie?

And that's it! Got my 2nd COVID vaccine shot today. In 7 days I will have a 95% chance of being immune to symptoms. :blobcatlove:

And I will continue to mask and distance until my family are at least 7 days past their 2nd shot, whenever that may be, since my immunity to symptoms is not guaranteed immunity from transfer.
But being 1 step closer to normal life reclaimed is pretty nice.

Happy New Year Turbos!! May 2021 treat you as well as you deserve, which is a fuckton better than how 2020 went. :blobheartcat:

Much news!

1) 911 service is back to most of TN thankfully - internet is back here.

2) I got a new job! I start working in a molecular diagnostics lab in January!

3) Bc our lab will be doing a lot of COVID testing, I was able to get the Moderna vaccine this past Wednesday! Only side effect thus far: sore arm for like 2 days. Easy. Get second dose on the 20th - this will be a huge relief given that I live with very compromised people. :blobheartcat:

Still no internet/landline/911 phone service. Apparently a good chunk of TN/KY/AL and even GA will be down for another 1-2 days. This may be the only time in my life I'm thankful for Verizon cell service 😂​

Boo to the dickbag that set off a bomb in Nashville today. Hurt some businesses I love, though luckily none of our folks are near downtown. Phone and internet down for a lot of the state still 7 hours later - we've been given alternate numbers to call for emergencies as 911 is out. Luckily cell data still up.

No Merry Christmas to you bag o' dicks!!!

She teaches at the incredibly poor school in her city, so every year she buys every student a blanket, a book, and a small other thing (like bulk winter erasers, etc) because she knows for some that's all they get for the holidays.

Yes, she's a fucking saint and a trooper. I don't know how she does it.

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Woo hoo, out of isolation!! No symptoms developed, tested negative at Day 8. A stressful couple of weeks.

Thankfully outside of an isolated respiratory scare and that raging 105.+ temp, my sister escaped the truly scary symptoms. She's back at work now even though she's super weak and having a lot of post-disease complications - she insisted because she wanted to be there to give her 1st grade students their Christmas presents. :cat_sad:

Day 7 of isolation is today - halfway through! I get tested tomorrow. So far no symptoms thankfully. Also very thankfully my sister's temp seems to be much more in control (she had a 105.4 at her highest while we waited at the ER).

CDC recs that if my test is negative I can stop isolating but:

a) with very high risk family members why chance it and
b) I'm like 8 VGA eps behind so got lots to keep me company for a while

My school teacher sister has COVID. :cat_angry:​ Thanks a lot TN public school system, the only place she's been outside of her house for months.

I had to take her to the ER last night and we had to wait 5 hours to be seen; she's doing better now but I'm officially in isolation since I live with compromised people (kind of compromised myself but was best of the options to take her). BLEH. STUPID COUNTRY.

I have to say, I'm really liking the shift of J Drama actors joining video games. It's kind of fun to watch stuff like Judge Eyes and Yakuza and be like, waaaaaait, I know that face!!

My last J Drama was like 5 years ago, though, so there's probably a whole new crop of people I might recognize but don't. But it's more fun seeing the more established folks like Nakai Kiichi and KimuTaku instead anyway.

15 minutes ago...

Me: time to do laundry, nothing momentous should happen 10:30 am Saturday morning


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