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stayed awake yesterday going backwards in the to

they're husbands

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Wanted to give @MissKris one more shoutout for her work putting together the Mass Effect abridged series. I totally missed those VGA shows when they came out, and this was the perfect way to watch. Pretty much pure, condensed quality. Finally, I know the legend of Space Duck.

Show and Trailer soon! Gonna go live in 1-2 hours!

Change of plans! (PC gaming... ugh.)

LIVE! with Plague Tale!

We’re gonna go LIVE soon with Control!

Sorry buds! Technical issues. So we won't be going live today. D: But... we love you!

LIVE! with Unrailed! A sponsored Four Play Friday, TURBO-only stream!


We have another sponsored Four Play Friday, TURBO-only stream coming up in 15 hours! Come join the fun!

Sun. Sept. 8 - 4:30pm JST
Sun. Sept. 8 - 12:30am PDT
Sun. Sept. 8 - 3:30am EDT
Sun. Sept. 8 - 8:30am BST

LIVE NOW with Red Dead! twitch.tv/ffstv

For September's AWESOME! Piece Theatre, we are thinking about doing a couple scary movies! What would you guys recommend?

I know quite a few peeps haven't seen The Shining, that one could be fun. What else you thinkin?

LIVE! with Man of Medan!

About to start watching Castle in the Sky now buds!

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