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Time to spread some holiday cheer with a

Click the link below and fill out the form below by Friday, November 15. I will e-mail you to let you know who you will be sending your card to.

We'll aim to have our cards sent by December 1st, so our fellow TURBO can display it proudly for the holiday season!

Gonna go LIVE with more Final Fantasy VII in a few minutes duders!

Gonna do an Overwatch Anniversary update show veeeery soon. Team TURBO pirates assemble!

Two hours from now we'll be doing another Half-Life: Alyx stream!

Fraser's just working through some hiccups right now. Will post when we are going live!

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Getting ready to do a Beat Saber show shortly. Just setting up!

APT: May 2020 Showtime and Date
Hey ya buddies!

We will be watching Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019) on Saturday, May 23. Here is a countdown to the show:

Netflix: Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway

Stream: Crave+
Buy: iTunes

Stream: HBO Now, HBO Go, DIRECTV, HBO Now Amazon

UK and Ireland
Stream: Now TV, Sky Go

Stream: Amazon Prime Video
Rent: iTunes

Rent: Amazon Video, Google Play, Apple TV

See you there!

We will be live in... 10 and a half hours with the Xbox Series X event!


Name a song you've been into lately, then tag a TURBO to see what they've been listening to!

I'm currently obsessed with Sunflower by Post Malone, Swae Lee (from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse).

You're up @gamingkid1998 and @MissFable!

LIVE! with some Overwatch! Fraser missed it, as you can see :D

Made some tasty bread during today’s stream!
Dig in buds!

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