TURBO Art Challenge!

You have until Monday, August 19 to make THIS into an even MORE beautiful drawing.

Thanks to @Sindian for providing the template art!

VGA Art Three - Take TWO!
I derped and missed one of the amazing pieces of art! So here is the REAL compilation!

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Today's Frash Snack during the Overwatch Stream.
Cucumber, red pepper and cheddar with a sesame dressing, chikuwa (a fish paste/egg white roll) with cream cheese, and spinach with soy sauce.

Straight up - I was surprised there was no dick pic! It's ok though. I'm very happy with the titty tassels.

Look at this talent!

Thanks for contributing @awwbree @NerdinaCan @dissy @Sindian @Y2kraykray @MrBlow @mellisbaker @DumplingzOwO!

@Sindian Want to make our next scribble for us to base our art on? I'll promote early next week!

Time for another TURBO Art Challenge!

You have until Monday, August 12 to make THIS into a beautiful drawing.

I just know you will come up with the most wholesome, peaceful drawings.

TURBOs make me want to be a better person.
Thanks TURBOs.

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Made another bit of art in preparation for the AWESOME! Piece Theatre of Studio Ghibli.

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Are there any San Antonio Tx, Turbos? I just moved here and could use some buds!

Just cleared our e-mail inbox from 17,000 unread e-mails to 1,400! Now to pare back more. Feels actually manageable now!

Ya'll... I just ate a really good banana. Maybe I was just on a bad banana streak.

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Come to Gamescom, get some exclusive Pig Detective buttons!

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Cannot wait for AWESOME! Piece Theatre of Studio Ghibli films...

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