Sorry about all the hiccups and such today, being a perfectionist sysadmin means I can't settle for things mostly working.

Home timeline should be updating instantly now; search should work as it did; my test account isn't blocked; and activation e-mails should actually send.


Didn't load in immediately, but it did load in, so I guess the streaming server is working, at least mostly!

Means I can relax, hopefully. :blob_coffee:

Replying to this as a test. One part of Mastodon is throwing errors, but I'm not sure if those errors actually matter; if they affect everyone or just me due to the testing I've been doing with temporary domains and such. :blob_augh:

With the upgrade we got a new feature: in user preferences, under appearance, you'll find a toggle for advanced mode. It lets you toggle between the current layout with multiple columns (advanced mode) and a more simplified mode with a single column, more closely resembling Twitter.

Advance mode is toggled for current users, while new users get the single column layout by default.

I think that worked? Let me know of any problems!

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