Yes, she has been biting off fur; it's a stress symptom. I unfortunately have to blame Sam. He is a bit of a bully towards Sophie. :cat_sigh:

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Capribara? Capyricorn?

I'll gladly take whatever art momentum I've found, especially if it involves capybaras and puns.


Been working on this LEGO Moominhouse for a long time and now it's finally up on LEGO Ideas for the chance of it becoming an official LEGO set! Freddy charged me quite a few treats for the photo.
Link to the LEGO Ideas page:

Finally got around to replacing my eleven years old camera. So much easier to get photos off the new one.

Also one of these, a Commodore CBM 3032. I haven't dared to try power that on yet.

A curious cat as bonus.

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