Did you know you can draw and post doodles now? Click the paperclip and then draw something.

My drawing is sad, because I can't draw.

@mellisbaker That's horrifying enough that I'm going to have to mark it as sensitive! :blob_augh:

@mellisbaker @nulani Is that Issac after surviving the basement to midlife crisis times?

@mellisbaker @nulani Well, at least it wasn't Todd Howard with two full sets of spider legs wearing a clown suit.

Maybe better luck tonight :D

@dissy @nulani Gotta say, wish I could use my tablet to draw. mouse and keyboard makes it a bit challenging.

@mellisbaker @dissy Should be possible, but you might have to restrict the tablet to the tiny little window you get to draw in?

@mellisbaker @nulani It isn’t an option in Pawoo (as expected) but from Chrome:

@mellisbaker @dissy Egads, what did I say about marking media as sensitive! :blob_augh:

@mellisbaker @nulani He likes to hang above me at night from a single string of silk, judging my behavior in single player :{

@mellisbaker @nulani @MissBlow
MS Paint on Windows 2.03 holds the following opinion on the topic
(and also 💥​!)

@nulani I can't even lie. I thought you were writing TNT, like, the explosive, then I saw the crying face. ;P

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