Upgraded to a newer version. Doesn't look like I'll have to rollback this time! :rainbowdance:

Let me know if you come across anything that plainly doesn't work.

Of course, the day after you've upgraded there's another much larger upgrade. We're on that now.

Let me know if it broke anything.

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@nulani I'm using the web version on Android and when I tap one of the navigation buttons at the top nothing happens. But when I do a long press and select "Open on new Tab" it works.

@countzero I'll keep an eye out for a fix for that; sounds like the sort of thing they'll hopefully fix fairly quickly.

For now, I'd recommend using an app like Fedilab or Tusky or use the webclient in landscape mode where it seems to work fine.

@countzero Another fix is to go into user preferences and switch flavours to Vanilla Mastodon.

@nulani Thanks a lot! That worked and it doesn't really look any different anyway. So I'm happy for now 👍​

@countzero It's missing a couple of features; the doodle board and the toggle for local-only posts. Latter you can post anyway by adding the 👁️​ emoji to the end of your post.

@nulani One advantage is that I can see in the timeline if someone has responded to a toot.

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