Hey @nulani how much is too far with the self-promoting thing? I wanted to post something, but I wanna make sure it's not too much. It's an animation I made.

@spikerman87 @nulani If it's "go buy my animation" then it may annoy many.
But if it's just "hey checkout what I did/am doing", I'd think those not interested are fine and able to not click it.

Not to mention if sharing things in your life that aren't 100% gaming related is bad, quite the few of us would be in trouble, myself included heh

PS this is not official advice, or official anything, or even advice, and it's certainly not water, snakes, or the color blue either.



@spikerman87 So long as it isn't spam or blatant advertising for some or other commercial third party, it's perfectly fine. Feel free to put it behind a content warning, labelling it self-promotion, if you think it might otherwise bother someone.

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