Sam is now at the vet, having his stupid gums and teeth dealt with. :cat_sigh:

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Three teeth (five down in total), ten days of antibiotics, and five on pain killers. Control on Friday. He will probably eventually end up toothless. :cat_sad:

And he needs a diet. He's eight kilos now. :cat_sigh:

At least he doesn't have FIV.

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And now he's gone. He escaped his cage on the way back to the car after a control check-up at the vet. :cat_sad:

I hope I'll see him again.

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Saw him today, underneath some ladders, but he ran again when I got too close. Felt like a miracle that I found him. I guess I got too hopeful. I wanted to place his food close to him, maybe get within reach, but I never got anywhere close enough. :cat_sad:

Going to try and borrow a trap from the animal rescue and hope he comes back to the same spot.

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@nulani oh no poor kitty!
Hope they get him fixed up right quick

@nulani Sending him lots of smooches 💋​❤️​💋​❤️​💋​❤️​ I hope he'll be okay

@nulani Those eyes are heartbreaking.

And tis not the time for diet, nay, it's the time for extra gravy!
(Ok probably not but that's my answer and I'm sticking to it)

@nulani We are thinking about this constantly. Really hoping for the best.

@nulani Oh no! I don't know what to say other than your both in our thoughts for a speedy return home.

@nulani sending positive vibes your way. So hoping you will be reunited soon. ❤️

@nulani I am thinking of you. I hope he comes back soon

@nulani Just reading this makes me so anxious. 🙁 I hope you find him and get him home safe.

@nulani Love and best wishes! I'm rooting for a safe homecoming

Poor little guy, the things we do for our furry friends. I hope he starts feeling better and everything goes smoothly with the vet stuff :underheart:

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