Sam is now at the vet, having his stupid gums and teeth dealt with. :cat_sigh:

Three teeth (five down in total), ten days of antibiotics, and five on pain killers. Control on Friday. He will probably eventually end up toothless. :cat_sad:

And he needs a diet. He's eight kilos now. :cat_sigh:

At least he doesn't have FIV.

And now he's gone. He escaped his cage on the way back to the car after a control check-up at the vet. :cat_sad:

I hope I'll see him again.


Saw him today, underneath some ladders, but he ran again when I got too close. Felt like a miracle that I found him. I guess I got too hopeful. I wanted to place his food close to him, maybe get within reach, but I never got anywhere close enough. :cat_sad:

Going to try and borrow a trap from the animal rescue and hope he comes back to the same spot.

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No sight of him today. :cat_sad:​ Going to keep trying.

@nulani sending positive vibes your way. So hoping you will be reunited soon. ❤️

@nulani I am thinking of you. I hope he comes back soon

@nulani Just reading this makes me so anxious. 🙁 I hope you find him and get him home safe.

@nulani Love and best wishes! I'm rooting for a safe homecoming

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