I now have both the second and third computer I used back in my possession. Both of them still work! Need a bit of a clean though.


Also one of these, a Commodore CBM 3032. I haven't dared to try power that on yet.

A curious cat as bonus.

@nulani Don't think I've seen a CBM before, but looks a lot like the PET 4016

Nice find!

@dissy It's in the same range as the original PET, I believe. Sat on a shelf partly covered with a plastic bag for the past thirty or more years. Not too far aways from where the Unitron has been for the past twenty-five. The AST I last saw in the first half of the 2000's and it's just as I left it: still booted into Debian 3.0 and loaded up Postfix, Dovecot, Apache and Squirrelmail. Had luckily been left next to the Unitron, wasn't sure I'd also find the AST.

@nulani Probably wasn't worth taking out a mortgage to upgrade it to 48 meg.

It is a bit impressive still. Debian woody was pretty nice for non-x86 systems and low memory. My first ever apache server was on a powerpc 601 with only 4mb. thou that's all it ran

Did you check its uptime before relocating it?

@dissy It was switched off and without power.

It had 4MB originally, the 12 additional MB were compatible sticks I somehow had lying around back in the early 2000's.

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