With the upgrade we got a new feature: in user preferences, under appearance, you'll find a toggle for advanced mode. It lets you toggle between the current layout with multiple columns (advanced mode) and a more simplified mode with a single column, more closely resembling Twitter.

Advance mode is toggled for current users, while new users get the single column layout by default.

Testing various things after I moved the instance to a different VM.

Yet one more adventure game played through.

Finishing Whispers of a Machine was like finishing a good book, bittersweet. Worth it. It was a very enjoyable game: interesting world, well written characters, good voice acting; with all of the adjectives also applying to the story overall.

I recommend it. Give it a go even if you're not typically a fan of point and click adventure games, it avoids many of the usual trappings.

Notre Dame 

Did you know you can draw and post doodles now? Click the paperclip and then draw something.

My drawing is sad, because I can't draw.

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