Kathy Rain by the same studio is also good. Finished that today.

It doesn't flesh out its universe quite as much as Whispers of a Machine, which is a slight shortcoming, but there's always sequels for that!

Yet one more adventure game played through.

Finishing Whispers of a Machine was like finishing a good book, bittersweet. Worth it. It was a very enjoyable game: interesting world, well written characters, good voice acting; with all of the adjectives also applying to the story overall.

I recommend it. Give it a go even if you're not typically a fan of point and click adventure games, it avoids many of the usual trappings.

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@mellisbaker @dissy Should be possible, but you might have to restrict the tablet to the tiny little window you get to draw in?

@mellisbaker @dissy Egads, what did I say about marking media as sensitive! :blob_augh:

@mellisbaker That's horrifying enough that I'm going to have to mark it as sensitive! :blob_augh:

Did you know you can draw and post doodles now? Click the paperclip and then draw something.

My drawing is sad, because I can't draw.

@dissy I went with them for my access points and switch; also have an EdgeRouter Lite flashed with OpenBSD, but am actually using a PCEngines APU2. It is nice enough gear, even if I've had a couple of lemons.

@FarFromSubtle Videos up to 40MB. Links to YouTube and PeerTube get embedded (are supposed to at least). Channels and users on the latter can also be followed directly from Mastodon.

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