@dissy I've more or less stopped using Google unless I'm looking for a specific, exact text string.

It's still a bit useful for searches in Norwegian, but it's gone all hopeless for English.

Hi there. My new webtoon comic "Love at First Dress" is up now, and I figured I'd share it here in case anyone was interested in reading it. :d webtoons.com/en/challenge/love

@FistOfFiori It's one of the better and definitely more interesting games I've played this year.

@dissy @Palletowngraduate Don't worry, I have the same bad habit. Still have all my phones, except one that got stolen: even then I still have the box and the charger for some reason.

Found my first one in the stack. Only feature phone I've owned. Not sure when I picked it up, but the model came out in 2001.

@dissy You have a strange definition of teeny tiny or those are very small hands!

@ilikethequiet Not necessarily a lot, but we did learn quite a bit about other countries; mostly focussed on the Anglophone world and Europe, including the Soviet Union.

Had to memorise all the capitals of Europe at one point.

Very little to nothing about most of Asia, Africa, Oceania and South America.

@AcidSilver It did. There is an issue where the virtual machine it is hosted on locks up from time to time, with no indication as to why and nothing in any logs, so it's been impossible to debug. :cat_sigh:

@dissy It's my secondary keyboard. My fingers were safe at the Model M.

@Zaziuma Jenny LeClue. I mostly only finish adventure games.

@Skelunkafunk Couple of days off after a very, very busy week at work; with more busy weeks coming up. So, so-so.

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