@Daotis There is, head to sticks.turbo.chat to connect it up.

@DeviousxKat No one wears masks here. It hasn't been recommended or encouraged by the health authorities. We do have hand sanitisers placed at the entrances, check-out machines and desk. Also have plexiglass infront of the desk. Keeping our computer lab and copy, print, and scan services closed for now. Quarantining returned items overnight.

Not high risk myself. Several of our regular patrons are though.

So far it's going fine.

@DeviousxKat We reopened to patrons back in late April. Expanded our services past just checking out and returns this past Tuesday.

We haven't had any confirmed infections in my part of the world since the middle of April. Fewer patrons do come by than normal though.

"Hey you, go home!" yelled the pale man from the safety of his truck.

I was already on my way home, so I kept walking.

"What did you say," he screamed. I'd clearly said nothing, but he volted over to me, seething.

"And what's the point of that mask, what do you think it even does?!"

"It protects--"

"A lie," he spat, reaching for it.


But he ripped it off.

I smiled broadly so he could see every fang... but only briefly.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

@dissy Joke's on you, my television doesn't support remotes!

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