I have switched the media storage backend from one hosted by a third party to one hosted by myself. Seems to be working.

I don't think I could fill in a game for every year in the decade, so I'll instead mention a few games that came out this year that I've enjoyed.

Whispers of a Machine
Disco Elysium

I'll give an honourable mention to Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I haven't finished it yet and I'm not entirely sold on the (lack of) difficulty or the busywork.

@TheCvgun123 Audio books, podcasts, radio plays and very long walks?

@MrBlow Is it the DRM that's causing problems?

On a related note, there is currently a sale on Cities: Skylines which came out at the same time and which is generally held to be significantly better than EA's Sim City.

@Zaziuma They do forget from time to time, though. Don't forget Me, XP and Vista.

@MrTingles Floatplane is effectively a video subscription service; it doesn't really mesh well with Patreon or the TURBO Club.

@dissy Correction to a), you've been assembling hardware and expecting not to spend hours to debugging.

@Downes000 Happy birthday.

If Bing knows, imagine what Google knows.

Also, I'd blame Skype or Outlook.

@dissy You a) bought a piece of hardware and b) expected a hardware bug would take minutes and not hours to track down.

@lore I'm terrible with favourites and if I were to be accurate, I'd have to list a ton.

Rob Hubbard is up there. Jonathan Geer who did the music for Owlboy. Jake Kaufmann who did the music for Shovel Knight. Toby Fox.

Etc., etc. I like chiptunes.

Upgraded Mastodon to 3.0.1+Glitch. Let me know promptly if anything is broken.

Haven't found anything broken myself yet.

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