@ilikethequiet Not necessarily a lot, but we did learn quite a bit about other countries; mostly focussed on the Anglophone world and Europe, including the Soviet Union.

Had to memorise all the capitals of Europe at one point.

Very little to nothing about most of Asia, Africa, Oceania and South America.

@AcidSilver It did. There is an issue where the virtual machine it is hosted on locks up from time to time, with no indication as to why and nothing in any logs, so it's been impossible to debug. :cat_sigh:

@dissy It's my secondary keyboard. My fingers were safe at the Model M.

@Zaziuma Jenny LeClue. I mostly only finish adventure games.

@Skelunkafunk Couple of days off after a very, very busy week at work; with more busy weeks coming up. So, so-so.

@lore We switched library management systems at work, a public library, this week; I've been the local project lead. Learned more about MARC than I really cared for; not that that was the most stressful aspect of the whole ordeal. That was the infernal self-service machines, receipts, and interlibrary loans.

Don't ever let yourself become the lead on something like that. It is not fun. At least not for the first week at the shortest. :cat_sigh:

@Reposefultube @eleanrrr To send private messages on Mastodon, just click the globe (underneath the input box) and set the publishing level to direct.

@Harley_Sonder @Natsu_D_Luffy Put the username from sticks.turbo.chat/account into nickname, check I have a password and add put the app-password in the password field and then start. should already be in the channel field. You'll then be in the TURBOChat.

It's just a bog standard IRC channel.

@Harley_Sonder @Natsu_D_Luffy @MissBlow I expect it's an issue to do with the underscores in your usernames; we haven't had the time to debug and fix it yet for the TURBOChat.

In the meantime, you can login with an IRC Client, like HexChat or at turbo.chat/kiwi using the username and app-password from sticks.turbo.chat/account

Hope to have it fixed in not too long.

@Natsu_D_Luffy This place does authentication for all the others. Once you're authenticated, you shouldn't be redirected here though. Strange.

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