Been working on this LEGO Moominhouse for a long time and now it's finally up on LEGO Ideas for the chance of it becoming an official LEGO set! Freddy charged me quite a few treats for the photo.
Link to the LEGO Ideas page:

@QuackWalks YouTube usually spends a bit of time processing the video once the stream has ended.

Now also viewable on Sticks; YouTube is selectable from the drop-down menu in the upper left of the player window.

@TonySki I didn't? I could get photos off the old DSLR via USB mini-B or by removing the SDCard. New camera can talk to my smartphone or PC over Bluetooth and WiFi.

Finally got around to replacing my eleven years old camera. So much easier to get photos off the new one.

@dissy It was switched off and without power.

It had 4MB originally, the 12 additional MB were compatible sticks I somehow had lying around back in the early 2000's.

@dissy Somehow doing all that with just 16MB of RAM.

@dissy It's in the same range as the original PET, I believe. Sat on a shelf partly covered with a plastic bag for the past thirty or more years. Not too far aways from where the Unitron has been for the past twenty-five. The AST I last saw in the first half of the 2000's and it's just as I left it: still booted into Debian 3.0 and loaded up Postfix, Dovecot, Apache and Squirrelmail. Had luckily been left next to the Unitron, wasn't sure I'd also find the AST.

Also one of these, a Commodore CBM 3032. I haven't dared to try power that on yet.

A curious cat as bonus.

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I now have both the second and third computer I used back in my possession. Both of them still work! Need a bit of a clean though.

@Daotis There is, head to to connect it up.

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