@FarFromSubtle It's Final Fantasy XIV, the MMORPG. Probably the best of its kind on the market right now.

@TheCvgun123 is playing a Hrothgar and I'm a Lalafell.


You can never escape!

I'm Nulani Acra on Sargatanas in Aether.

Couple of other Turbos in that datacentre as well.

@dissy @spikerman87 Only pizza places do delivery here; and only the chain ones. :cat_sad:

@rythem_beats There might be an issue with the webchat and usernames containing underscores. For now, please try an IRC client like HexChat or turbo.chat/kiwi.

Use the username and password on sticks.turbo.chat/account.

@DeltaCentauri Would make for an interesting twist on water cooling.

@FarFromSubtle @dissy @mellisbaker @TheCvgun123 Compact Flash is still a thing, in the form of CFast. Of course, these days, video cameras seem to increasingly often support just being hooked up to an external drive over USB-C. Or they use super-expensive proprietary interfaces.

@FarFromSubtle @mellisbaker @TheCvgun123

While both of them have SSD's; I would take the 512GB SSD over of the 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD.

In short, I would also go with the first one. Graphics card matters more than the additional RAM.

There's no data on what sort of display that one has though, beyond the physical dimensions. Presumably not worse than 1080P?

If there's an option, you'll want to make sure the display panel is IPS and not TN.

@Kane_Cartoon That's very strange then. You could try to clear cache or a different browser, just to see if that makes a difference.

@Kane_Cartoon Was that before or after we started using TURBOToot?

@Kane_Cartoon Very probably the _ then; not sure when we'll have the time to fix that.

If you don't want to install an IRC client, could try turbo.chat/kiwi/. Again, use the username and password from sticks.turbo.chat/account.

@Kane_Cartoon What browser are you using?

There might also be an issue with the webchat and usernames that contain a _. You could try and use an IRC client like HexChat. Use the username and password you see on sticks.turbo.chat/account.

@Kaptainawesome89 @frankensuppie They are private in the sense that they're only visible to users logged into the TURBOToot.

The more standard privacy settings are under the globe icon. By clicking the globe, you can set posts to unlisted (not visible on the local or public timeline, even if not marked local-only), followers only, and direct (equivalent to direct messaging, except you can message more than one person). Local-only is an addition in the version of Mastodon we're using.

@frankensuppie It is there to indicate to legacy clients that the post is local-only; also lets you set a post to local-only by having it at the end of your post, in case you're using a client that doesn't have the local-only toggle switch.

@Sam_Fenix It's possible it's an issue caused by the underscore your username. Not entirely sure if it's an issue with the chat itself or with the backend.

Could you try and login with an IRC client, like HexChat? Use the username and app-password you find on sticks.turbo.chat/account

@Lilywhiteffs @MissBlow You should have received an activation e-mail; need to click the link in that.

I went ahead and activated your account manually.

@dissy Little bit more powerful than Ginnungagap, which is hosting the TURBO Toot and TURBO Discord.

Question is, how much bandwidth has it got?

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