@Trancilian That is a lot cheaper than they used to be! Competition from more general purpose tablets?

I've been using Affinity Publisher quite a bit at work. Been trying to get the others to have a go too so we could potentially transition to that from inDesign. Our poor budget would definitely prefer that. I also like the workflow in Publisher quite a bit more than inDesign, but that might just be because I haven't really worked a lot in inDesign.

@Y2kraykray Have you played any of the original isometric Fallouts or maybe Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura?

Maybe one of the Shadowrun games?

All are pretty solid RPG's and quite different from JRPG's.

Right now I'm keeping busy with Final Fantasy XIV and Stellaris. I should try and get through at least parts of my Steam and GOG libraries now while we're all stuck at home.

@countzero Basically Mario World from Super Mario Land 2? - Except real LEGO and not Nintendo's clone, Nintendo Blocks.

@dissy Easier to have a lot of buttons than have to remember or look up a lot of codes.

More akin to picking a type out of a drawer like typesetters would've been used to.

@dissy That is an almost adequate number of buttons.

What sort of switches is that equipped with?

Saw him today, underneath some ladders, but he ran again when I got too close. Felt like a miracle that I found him. I guess I got too hopeful. I wanted to place his food close to him, maybe get within reach, but I never got anywhere close enough. :cat_sad:

Going to try and borrow a trap from the animal rescue and hope he comes back to the same spot.

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And now he's gone. He escaped his cage on the way back to the car after a control check-up at the vet. :cat_sad:

I hope I'll see him again.

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