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This is what happens when Fraser's Mastodon client reads out whatever gets tooted on stream. :blob_augh:​ Our poor timeline.

Don't call it a come back!

Thought it was about time for a second one.
So i gotta post this on the Tootiverse.

Here is for everything,

Of course, the day after you've upgraded there's another much larger upgrade. We're on that now.

Let me know if it broke anything.

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Upgraded to a newer version. Doesn't look like I'll have to rollback this time! :rainbowdance:

Let me know if you come across anything that plainly doesn't work.

When @lore is asleep, you get worried the server isn't working anymore.

Stopped proxying media via my own server, instead fetching them directly from the remote host. Seems to have fixed things for Firefox.

What I thought was fixed and which was working fine on my test machine, hasn't been fixed after all. Rolling back.


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Bit of downtime incoming as I have a go at upgrading us to a newer version. See you on the other side.

@Signal Nice tunes!

Thanks for linking to them in your profile.


Testing various things after I moved the instance to a different VM.

Kathy Rain by the same studio is also good. Finished that today.

It doesn't flesh out its universe quite as much as Whispers of a Machine, which is a slight shortcoming, but there's always sequels for that!

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Yet one more adventure game played through.

Finishing Whispers of a Machine was like finishing a good book, bittersweet. Worth it. It was a very enjoyable game: interesting world, well written characters, good voice acting; with all of the adjectives also applying to the story overall.

I recommend it. Give it a go even if you're not typically a fan of point and click adventure games, it avoids many of the usual trappings.

Notre Dame 

Someone on Twitter tweeted part of a poem that I think is fitting, it dates to 1666, the Great Fire of London.

Upon the Burning of Our House by Anne Bradstreet:

Then, coming out, behold a space / The flame consume my dwelling place. / And when I could no longer look, / I blest His name that gave and took, / That laid my goods now in the dust. / Yea, so it was, and so ‘twas just. / It was his own, it was not mine, / Far be it that I should repine

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Notre Dame 

Has me all sad. :cat_sad:​ But there isn't much we can do now. They'll save what they can, then there'll be an inquest, and then we'll start the long rebuild.

Did you know you can draw and post doodles now? Click the paperclip and then draw something.

My drawing is sad, because I can't draw.

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