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Sorry about that. Looks like I'm going to have to delay the move and upgrade slightly until I have worked out a couple of issues.

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TURBOToot will be down for a bit later today, while I move it over to the new server. It's getting a software upgrade at the same time.

Hope it's OK to self-promote a lil. But if anyone's interested, I've been working on a webtoons comic for the past few months called "Understanding Love". Please consider checking it out! :^)

First network outage in years and it had to happen right before and during a show. :blob_augh:

Sorry about that downtime. There was a planned power outage that I hadn't been notified about. :blob_augh:

Everything should be back up now.

And I can finally make myself a cup of tea. :blob_coffee:

This is what happens when Fraser's Mastodon client reads out whatever gets tooted on stream. :blob_augh:​ Our poor timeline.

Don't call it a come back!

Thought it was about time for a second one.
So i gotta post this on the Tootiverse.

Here is for everything,

Of course, the day after you've upgraded there's another much larger upgrade. We're on that now.

Let me know if it broke anything.

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Upgraded to a newer version. Doesn't look like I'll have to rollback this time! :rainbowdance:

Let me know if you come across anything that plainly doesn't work.

When @lore is asleep, you get worried the server isn't working anymore.

Stopped proxying media via my own server, instead fetching them directly from the remote host. Seems to have fixed things for Firefox.

What I thought was fixed and which was working fine on my test machine, hasn't been fixed after all. Rolling back.


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