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Sorry about all the hiccups and such today, being a perfectionist sysadmin means I can't settle for things mostly working.

Home timeline should be updating instantly now; search should work as it did; my test account isn't blocked; and activation e-mails should actually send.


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Didn't load in immediately, but it did load in, so I guess the streaming server is working, at least mostly!

Means I can relax, hopefully. :blob_coffee:

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Replying to this as a test. One part of Mastodon is throwing errors, but I'm not sure if those errors actually matter; if they affect everyone or just me due to the testing I've been doing with temporary domains and such. :blob_augh:

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With the upgrade we got a new feature: in user preferences, under appearance, you'll find a toggle for advanced mode. It lets you toggle between the current layout with multiple columns (advanced mode) and a more simplified mode with a single column, more closely resembling Twitter.

Advance mode is toggled for current users, while new users get the single column layout by default.

Sorry about that. Looks like I'm going to have to delay the move and upgrade slightly until I have worked out a couple of issues.

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TURBOToot will be down for a bit later today, while I move it over to the new server. It's getting a software upgrade at the same time.

Hope it's OK to self-promote a lil. But if anyone's interested, I've been working on a webtoons comic for the past few months called "Understanding Love". Please consider checking it out! :^)

First network outage in years and it had to happen right before and during a show. :blob_augh:

Sorry about that downtime. There was a planned power outage that I hadn't been notified about. :blob_augh:

Everything should be back up now.

And I can finally make myself a cup of tea. :blob_coffee:

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