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Finally got around to replacing my eleven years old camera. So much easier to get photos off the new one.

Also one of these, a Commodore CBM 3032. I haven't dared to try power that on yet.

A curious cat as bonus.

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I now have both the second and third computer I used back in my possession. Both of them still work! Need a bit of a clean though.

"Hey you, go home!" yelled the pale man from the safety of his truck.

I was already on my way home, so I kept walking.

"What did you say," he screamed. I'd clearly said nothing, but he volted over to me, seething.

"And what's the point of that mask, what do you think it even does?!"

"It protects--"

"A lie," he spat, reaching for it.


But he ripped it off.

I smiled broadly so he could see every fang... but only briefly.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

Sam is finally home again! :cat_smile:​ Knew where he was for a long time, but he proved difficult to catch. In the end, some very nice people who live in the neighbourhood helped by feeding him, building trust, and in the end, catching him in a large cage.

My other cat, Sophie isn't much pleased.

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