These feel so satisfying to beat, Celeste is a very good game guys

@rth1089 Oh boy, hope you are ready for the challenge of a life-time, because these B-sides just get harder and harder, and not to spoil anything, but you'll be surprised by what you unlock.

@Zaziuma Looking forward to the challenge, haven't played a ton of these types of platformers, so it's been a great time

@rth1089 Super dope game with amazing gameplay and a story that hits pretty close to home for me. One of the few games I couldn't put down until I Platinumed it. The DLC will probably kick my ass after not playing in like a year tho haha.

@stunnedpanda I've heard the story is very good. Didn't know there was DLC coming, we'll see if I'm actually able to beat it lol

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