Haven't tooted in a while (lol) but sent out my TURBO christmas card out today, but hope everyone else is doing well on here!

Hi everyone, is there anybody who has high quality gameplay of Super Mario Galaxy they would let me use? I'm working on the video and will give you credit!

You can probably tell what year I was born based on the amount of games for a certain console 😂

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My buddy is working on a new series and I'm going to be somewhat involved in it, check a look! youtu.be/7uvEiKtyg_c

Any Australian TURBO's comfortable on camera? My buddy and I are brainstorming an idea for a video and don't want to do a crappy accent! Would super appreciate it!

I whipped up this video this morning pretty quickly, let me know what you guys think of this format and if I could change anything up! youtube.com/watch?v=hP6JDjRrdS

Beat DOOM Eternal. DAMN it's hard. Super fun tho

Feel free to add me on Switch! Doing a LOT of Animal Crossing, gonna open up my boarders whenever I'm playing

If any of you guys are Turtles fans, you might know, but ugh the TMNT relaunch (2011) from IDW is so fucking good. Giving it a reread from the beginning to see if I can catch up

On Friday it felt like the spring, it's supposed to snow in 8 hours... lousy smarch weather.

Remember that time @FarFromSubtle couldve been in a fucking Burger King commercial and he DIDNT TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY

I wanted to take a picture so bad but every time I was there the line was capped 😭

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