I just watched an anime where a guy is about to get shot, but the dog jumps into the path of the projectile and saves the guy.

I almost expected the dog to pull out a gun or land on the ground and give a thumbs up and then keel over. Anime is kinda silly.

What should I get?

Destroy all Humans would be great if they let you play as Invader Zim.

Heard that the PS5 can be customized so it looks different.


People keep wanting me to feel guilty for daring to look at what some of the leaks were.

I don't.

I guess everyone's gone Nintendo leak hunting today. Or you're just away. There's sooo much stuff man. Take a look when you have a chance cause it's amazing what has been unseen for 30 years.

Nintendo had some leaks happen. Here's all the Star Fox 64 lines in uncompressed quality: youtube.com/watch?v=SE1pKOJY66

Apparently someone found real files of Luigi in Super Mario 64.

Only took 24 years. 👍​

Had a dream that @FarFromSubtle was watching Mad Max Fury Road and just screaming about how awesome it was.

Seems about right to me.

Did the Halo Infinite big brute guy remind anyone of the final boss from Destiny 2? Gnaul? I was wondering if it was the same voice actor.

Feel like we need a better villain guys.

I 'm hopeful one day this will come back. Please come back. The world needs you...

When you kill someone by chopping off their head, burning them, and kicking them off a cliff...

You better make sure they're dead.

I'm curious if there's a top 10 APT requests. Wonder what you'd like them to see the most? I mean I want them to do a marathon of Lord of the Rings too but, woo, 9 hours? Can we really do that to them?

Every once in a while I ask "Where'd all my friends go?" and then I remember, oh right, Ghosts of Tsushima came out.

I got a little energetic when it came to new Far Cry games. I was of the opinion that their best concept was Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. While the other games had interesting characters like Vaas, I've not been very impressed with the main line games.

I'm fascinated with this new knowledge that cats don't like singing. Wonder why that is Zach?

A game is coming soon. My coffee warned me about it.

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