I think @FarFromSubtle's favorite DC hero is Flash because of how many times he stops an episode to explain why Flash is faster than the game portrays him. He's faster than bullets and faster than someone saying "Kazaam". I agree.

How is it on my day off the day goes at the speed of light but when I am at work it goes at the speed of poop?

Meanwhile A Fox in Space Episode 2 isn't released yet.

Maybe when my beard touches the ground.

I hate it so much when I get my bank statement and see something I don't recognize. :/

I got one for you. What's a movie you saw the trailers for constantly, you KNEW it was going to be bad, but the movie comes out and it's like the best movie ever?

Mine is X-Men First Class.

I'm really sad about how many people are dropping out of E3. I've always loved E3 despite how it's been going.

There's a part of me that really doesn't want it to die. I always look forward to it even if I know it won't be as good as some years.

Every time I try to order pizza my stomach is like "Why? Why do you do this to me?"

I'm listening more cause my stomach feels upset most the time.

July 10th, 2015, the guys watched the very first Dreams Trailer. Where has the time gone?:

I added a "Fullscreen" button to the options menu of my game.

It broke the game. How did that happen? I don't know. I just know that it did happen, and I am sad.

I guess I've been stupid lucky when it comes to Macs. I've had 3 Macs. One in 2007, 2012, and 2018. I've not really had big problems with any of them. The first one had a failed drive and I got it fixed.

Windows on the other hand I always spend trying to fix instead of doing the things I want to do on it.

I keep getting distracted from my work because there's too many fuzzy kitten videos. Must not be distracted by the fluffy!

I hate everything. Save me code gods. Save me from Javascript Hell. I need a young coder and an old coder. The power of CodeChrist compels you!

The dentist is the greatest place ever. I'm totally not in pain, and I totally don't wish that the pain will stop.


I think like everyone, I find youtube's recommendations weird. Then there's times where it recommends a video where the thumbnail is Swedish Chef holding a Gun.

Anybody playing video games? Feels like a slow month.

You think that Pokemon will eventually get to the point where they sell each pokemon online for $1 or a popular one for $5? So you have to buy both games, and the online, and then buy each pokemon individually to buy them all- I mean catch them all? All 807 of them?

I'm surprised they don't already do that. I would though if I was a greedy meanie.

This Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free tastes like 2% sodium and carbonated water.

Had the guy come and give me a giant modem box. Now the internet gives me 25 Megabits per second.

I got them allllll the Megabits. Yummy delicious Megabits. Om nom nom nom.

I had to call my internet provider because I was getting 2Mbps.


I should have 25.


So five years ago I made a cartoon of Dark Link fighting against Vaati. So a lot of time passed and I wondered if I could make improvements?

You ever make a piece of art and then tried again years later?

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