What's your long term plan for the Zombie Apocalypse? Mine is going to Antartica. I've deemed it the safest place to live without having to worry.

I mean there's the cold part, but I'll bring as many heaters as necessary!

You know there's a movie called Face Off and I'm pretty sure it would be the best APT ever.

This is where I'd then say "I might be wrong." but no I'm not.

I have some doubts about some things in my creative life. I've been trying and failing hard to bring SpikerMan, my made up super hero, into the world in some form of media. I was afraid that by the time I succeeded I'd be an old man.

I looked something out of curiosity. I was wondering how old Stan Lee was when he created Spider-Man, and doing some math he was roughly 55 years old. Knowing that has let me cling on to hope.

I don't know if anyone listens to Brian Regan, but I totally had his "Doctor visit" thing today where the doctor was like "So what did you do?" and I say "I should have listened to you when you say things..."

It's like...having trouble sleeping. When do you go to bed? ehh 4am...

Wait I found the problem!

I ordered Wind Waker HD online. I never played the HD version. I just know that whenever I get an item I'm going to do the @FarFromSubtle "YEEAAAAH" every time.

I make a comparison to one of my friends at target practice: "He's a lot better in Counter Strike."

I got these stares and I was like "I mean Goldeneye...Doom? Wolfenstein? The first ones? *cries* I'm Old!!"

I'm not good at making tilesets- is anyone good at making tilesets? I just know I'm definitely not.

It's so hard for me to go back to the old Zelda's after Botw. It's like hey I want to climb over this fence that hinders my progress.

Should I play Wind Waker again? Is that a silly question?

Had a client that can't understand why things are missing on the website they're trying to view.

What are they using? Internet Explorer 8 of course. We have a policy that states we cannot ask them to use a up to date browser...so I guess I have to make another form that works with Internet Explorer. Remember to smile.

I like how in anime when characters get their arm cut off it's like a minor inconvenience, it's like ah don't worry they get it back in the next episode.

90's Anime is the BEST!

Well...I guess it depends on the show but it's the BEST!

Had a cyber attack today. I went full on serious mode. Used all the classics like:

"Code Red, defensive positions, evasive maneuvers, batten down the hatches, batten them down again!"

Aww! I love how happy @MissBlow was to finally "Beat the Dragon" in Cuphead.

I used the "He treats objects like they're women, man." line and it's like my brain didn't even flinch because Jeff Bridges delivered it like it was normal.

I love it when I get mail from the doctor because I owe money for a chest X-Ray. Usually it's like "Ah gawd it's so much monaey!"

I owe $1.

I'll get right on that.

Cruella De Vil went to a lot of trouble to get a Dalmatian coat didn't she?

I don't even know why I try to watch Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

"What is going on?" is a phase I keep saying every 2 seconds.

This is the trailer I made for SpikerMan vs Gold Skull. This is probably easier to watch than the full 30 minute video: youtube.com/watch?v=peE7gnIfRQ

Ok, so, this is a project that's basically my baby. SpikerMan is the superhero I made when I was really little, it means a lot to me, and I worked on this for about 7 months. I made this for fun. I did the best I could possibly do, I'm not as talented as others, but I'm proud of how this came out. Soooo here it is:

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