Kevin Smith was showing off some Ninja Turtles toys. I guess the original toys had a re-release and seeing them brought back memories. I use to have a lot of those old toys. Felt like a kid cause I said " I want em'!!"

Continuing to animate cause its what I do.
What's up Midna?

I have Coldplay's Viva La Vida stuck in my head. Good thing or bad? I can't tell.

It's the cutest Zelda evaaar! It's 1:30am for me I'm loopy! aahh!!

Working on a new Zelda animation. I feel like I'm off to a good start.

Oooh wait. Will we see the return of a Four Play Friday Board Game?


Who do you want to be for Halloween little one?

I liked Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3 a little more than most did I think. Hope Pirate movies can come back and be as solid as the first one. It needs some fresh bluud.

I want to buy Twilight Princess HD but all the copies online are like $80. Without the jewel case it's like $40.

Why is the case worth $40??

Joe Rogan asked Dan Akryod if Bill Murray is in the new Ghostbusters movie. He said

"We're hoping."

...Well what's that mean? They released a teaser for it...usually by that point they've been filming right?

I really want to see Hugh Jackman as the lead in a new Star Wars movie. He'd be an amazing grumpy Jedi like Kyle Katarn or something.

I just want.

I finally got through Transformers The Last Knight.


Wow. That sure was a way to spend 260 Million dollars.

Zelda Botw Spoilers 

I started watching Transformers the Last Knight.

I regret everything.

Cheezits! Cheezits! Om nom nom nom nom nom-

Weight loss...darn...

Oh there's a Golden Shovel Knight amiibo now.

Sure why not.

4 pounds! I may be on to something! Hopefully this keeps us.

There's not enough quacking going on in here. Enjoying your long weekend? Peoplez that aren't here? Hope it's been good so far.

22 minutes on the treadmill.


pain gain pain.

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