Today's the day! You gotta mark your youtube videos as kid friendly or not otherwise the fines could be $42,000 per video!

Don't forget!

Please go see the Sonic movie when it comes out. Please support this sort of thing and reward Paramount when they do good.


Just a quick note.

I had thought about getting nose surgery to fix my deviated septum and some blockages in my nose. I didn't go through with it and I don't recommend anyone else to. After some research I found out about Empty Nose Syndrome which you can look up, it's very scary and there's no cure.

My advice is never get surgery for anything unless its life threatening.

I had a frozen dinner, ate all of it, and then thought

"Man I'm so hungry."

Youtube's going into some scary territory it feels like with their terms of service changes. I wonder if pretty soon it'll be VIPtube.

Gunvolt Chronicles looks pretty fun and chaotic. I've been dying for a new MegaMan X type game and it looks sorta similar.

Death Stranding's out into the wild now.

Ohhhhh dear.

My stomach doesn't like Pizza anymore. I go to order some and I hear my stomach:

Stomach: No, please no, please why?

I want to see that "List" that @FarFromSubtle keeps saying "Put it on the list."

Anyone have that list?

Is it ok to say anything about Death Stranding? I'm a little nervous cause...people feel things...I have friends that say and I quote:

"You shall not DARE speak about the Great and Powerful Kojima that way."

end quote.

Have a good halloween! So says SpikerMan. Oh, I mean SpookerMan. Ha!

I'm tired.

Look, Link Faces of Evil wasn't bad....

...Well ok it was bad, but it had decent music.

Call me crazy, but I think James Rolfe really likes Halloween.

I was 7, and one day at school my class was going to the swimming pool and we had to change into our swimming clothes, and we put our normal clothes in our own plastic bag. When we lined up in the hallway the coach came out with someone's X-Men underwear in front of everyone, including all the cute girls. He said "Someone forgot their underwear." I then noticed I had a hole in my bag and the underwear was mine. All the kids laughed at me.

Oh my. Ruddager was playing Catzilla in today's show.

"When you make a video game, your NPC's must have dialogue that is uniquely funny, written better than any other game, and absolutely perfect."

Me: How the foo fighters do I do that?!

The Phoenix Wright anime outtakes are pretty great. I keep making the mistake of taking a drink when the next one starts to play.

@spikerman87 DAMMIT SPIKERMANS now it’s stuck in my head

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