Waiting for that magical day when @FarFromSubtle decides to play that ninja girl anime game. The really perverted one.

I mean I'm not going to sponsor that show. I don't want him to say "Sponsored by: my name" tha'd be embarrassing.

@spikerman87 Why embarrassing? Got a problem with perverted ninja anime girls? What'd they ever do to you

@spikerman87 @FarFromSubtle Talking about Senran Kagura by chance? I love that series! The story might be kinda "bleh", but I love the character interactions.

@spikerman87 @FarFromSubtle If i had money to throw around I wouldn't mind sponsoring the pinball game they have coming out on Switch soon. I have no idea if Frash and Becky would like it, but it would be an interesting show. XD

@Vanquish123 @FarFromSubtle I have a feeling they wanted to play one of those games but it got away because there's too many games.

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