Boss: Change the color of that button.

Me: Take picture of website
Open picture in Photoshop.
Use eye dropper to find the color code
Ctrl-F to search the code for the color code.

3000 results.

Gee. Which one could it POSSIBLY be?

@spikerman87 Can't you just highlight it in the dev tools on the browser? πŸ˜…

@Llama I do that so I can zoom in on the color without the artifacting around it. I have more control in Photoshop.

@spikerman87 @Llama You can just open the inspector, click 'select element', and click on the button in the page.. it'll take you right to that line of html and show you the fully resolved css

@dissy @Llama I didn't sleep much last night. Yep. I will do'ed that.

@dissy @Llama I usually work in Wordpress, and yeah I know some things about html, but we've moved to a thing that is pure code...the .aspx kind and...I hate it, so...I dunno I'm a grumpy boy.

@spikerman87 @Llama I'm more the "make it work and be functional" type.
When it comes to making it pretty, I tend to skip that or at best outsource it :P

@spikerman87 @dissy You'll get used to it, don't worry. It's seems like a lot when you first dive in but it'll all start making sense soon, I'm sure. Just keep poking away at it and playing around with stuff.

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