Rise of Skywhacker is next week.

You excited? You ready to party? You ready to poop and pee those pants at the same time?!?

Hope everyone's doing good today. Eat all the fruits and vegetables.

Those pineapple slices are good.

Do you have a favorite Mini-Game from a favorite Game?

Hey! When Luke, Han, and Chewie wait for the elevator on the Death Star I saw railing! They do have railing in space!

I need a good APT to watch while I eat dinner.

A New Hope?

A New Hope.

I had a dream that I was watching Jingle all the Way 3, but instead of Arnold and Sinbad it was Dwane Johnson and Jason Statham.

...That's actually pretty funny when I think about it.

@dissy I keep getting sick to my stomach over the game I'm making. At this rate it'll take 9 years. I turned around and the year was already over.

Guys. It's December.

It's December again.

Why is it December again?

I don't know if anyone else is watching Vinland Saga, but it's arguably the best Anime of the year.

I'd bet even a certain someone would give it an exception.

I had not seen Total Recall in years and I forgot everything.

You know, if I EVER make a film...I'd want it to be like that.


Dang. I'm glad my kid doesn't want one of these for Christmas...

I forgot how insane Jingle all the way is.

I mean I love it, but whew.

I was gone yesterday, so happy gobble gobble day yesterday! I'm still full from the leftovers.

@Downes000 That's not my point though! I'm saying people have those sound effects, put them on their website, and then said in order to use them in a commercial context-

Yeah you're right. I'll do that. I thought it was funny though.

It blows my mind that I have to buy a license to use fart sound effects.

I know it's been that way for awhile but still. We all fart. Why do I have to get approval for a sound effect of it?


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