@Vanquish123 You can say that again. And hey, I didn't get fired. =D

It's not fair. I wanna eat so bad but my mouth is still numb.

Teeth filling yay!! Face numb yay!! Pain!! Yaaay!!

I don't know. I've run across a lot of places were someone will order like food for an army and be oblivious to the 30 people waiting behind them...like...hello?

Pro tip. When you go to Subway don't order 40 foot long sandwiches.

Just...don't do that.

I manage websites for lots of clients. One time I put up a new website for a company after months of working on it and they gave me the wrong phone number to put on there. It was one number off and it went to a sex hotline. I corrected it as fast as I could and hoped not many people noticed.

It made the local news the next morning.


I keep getting told that drugs aren't that bad...But I don't know. I'm pretty clean. You name it, I've never had it. The worst thing I do is drink soda with caffeine. I guess I'm just scared of alcohol and...everything. At least my doctor doesn't give me "the" look when they ask if I do anything.

Should I put cats in my video game? 3 cats? and give them 3 familiar names? 🤔​

I'm not a super expert, but random dungeon generation is usually not where a game makes a dungeon on the spot. The creator makes like 500 dungeons and when you enter the room it picks one of them. That's how I would do it anyway. If it actually did calculate on the spot I'd be a nervous wreck because the margin of errors increase by 10 million.

Hey @nulani how much is too far with the self-promoting thing? I wanted to post something, but I wanna make sure it's not too much. It's an animation I made.

Now the Norwegians are trending. What are we going to do guys?!

@nulani you're doing a good job. Don't worry you got this.

@MissBlow Yeah for real. When I eat one it's really hard for me to breathe.

I feel like when I toot I should say something meaningful and worth someone's time.

I'm allergic to Bananas. That's weird isn't it?

@MrBlow Enjoying that I don't have to work this weekend...Pushed to next weekend.

Everytime I hear door knocking I shout "It's the Norwegians!!"

Thank you Weedcraft.

My mom found these while cleaning the attic. Can't believe they're still intact as good as they are.

I want to set my ringtone to one of the Cadence of Hyrule tracks, but which should it be?! 😥​

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