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I'm a very happy boy. I've been sick for over a week. Couldn't use the computer cause of light and sound sensitive stuff. I'm feeling better and just want to jump up and down now. =)

Man. Vertigo is rough. Why didn't anyone warn me?

@MissBlow Hey Becky, wondering if you got my message. Working on a thing for you and Fraiser, I was just curious if you have a fav color? If not I can pick something.

Twitter is down again. My perspective as an IT is some poor guys or gals are sick to their stomachs trying really hard to get things back and working and worried about their jobs.

That's how I look at it cause that happens to me. I hope they're doing ok.

Haven't felt good past week or two. Today was pretty bad so I went to the doctor. He told me I have Vertigo.

Really weird. The world's not like out of control spinning, but I just don't feel right. Ears feel like something's in them and I have headaches.

At my job we're in the middle of launching a brand new project. I gotta say for having Vertigo for like a week or two and accomplishing all I have...I have new appreciation for myself....not alot, but some.

I called my brother this morning and he told me he was eating lunch. I looked at the time and it was 10:30am.


We have one candidate up for the new Ghostbusters movie.

My next nominee is!....
*drum roll*

Ryan Reynolds.

Is anyone interested in Alpha testing? I've created a RPG game that could use some really harsh feedback.

May have it ready soon...ish.

Boss: Change the color of that button.

Me: Take picture of website
Open picture in Photoshop.
Use eye dropper to find the color code
Ctrl-F to search the code for the color code.

3000 results.

Gee. Which one could it POSSIBLY be?

EA doesn't want to be considered "the bad guy"

Excuse me while I try not to laugh.

Yeah wait a minute. Disney skipped Live action versions of Bambi, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Sword in the Stone, what gives?!

We just had Aladdin live action, Now Little Mermaid is in the works, a Teaser for another Disney film just arrived...


What happens when we get to Black Cauldron?

Waiting for that magical day when @FarFromSubtle decides to play that ninja girl anime game. The really perverted one.

I mean I'm not going to sponsor that show. I don't want him to say "Sponsored by: my name" tha'd be embarrassing.

Anyone have a favorite Lego set? or build?

I feel bad for not knowing about some of the secrets in Super Mario Bros. 3. Like there's White Airships and White Mushroom houses if you collect all the coins in certain levels and you beat the levels under weird conditions. That's kinda new to me. =s

I highly recommend Donnie Yen and his martial arts movies like IP Man.He is just so fun to watch in those movies.

When I'm given an impossible task at work and I actually succeed, this is the jingle that plays in my head:

Guys look at all the new anime coming out this season that they're going to censor the hell out of!


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