@Dansou I liked what I played of the demo. Would be nice to see a first look. I remember the Kickstarter trailer on Show & Trailer way back. youtu.be/cVgmfJm6akQ

@Ethvau I believe they will be watching Beetlejuice and The Rocky Horror Picture Show for Halloween APT. youtu.be/TE7-69CdUzM?t=343

Really looking forward to watching What We Do in the Shadows today.

@Kaptainawesome89 @FarFromSubtle @MissBlow On Netflix UK it seems only season 1, seasons 18-21, and a collection of top episodes will be available. Wish they could just put all the seasons up for streaming on Netflix. Might be Hulu that has some sort of deal, since all seasons of South Park can be streamed on there. And of course Hulu is US only which sucks.

AWESOME! Piece Theatre! Studio Ghibli edition starts this weekend! Countdown here:


Sun. Sept. 1 - 8:00 PDT
Sun. Sept. 1 - 11:00 EDT
Sun. Sept. 1 - 16:00 BST
Mon. Sept. 2 - 0:00 JST

NOTE to TURBOs: There was a mistake with the times posted on the toot so re-check the schedule!

@Ethvau I believe they are starting with Grave of the Fireflies and then Castle in the Sky.

If ya'll want some Pokemons in your Metroidvanias check out Monster Sanctuary! youtu.be/LlNbLNhlOQM

Spent all day playing WoW Classic while watching the first 3 seasons of Always Sunny.

@Kaptainawesome89 If you have an alright PC you can play it on Xbox Game Pass for PC. They have a promotion going on right now for £3.99 for your first 3 months.

@Kaptainawesome89 One of those series I have been meaning to play for the longest time. Got the PS4 ports of the first 2 through a Humble Bundle and now with PS Plus I now have the trilogy. I'll get to it one day...maybe haha. So many damn good new releases coming out that are like 50+ hours long.

@MisterB I caved in and rolled a druid last night. Thankfully my friend decided on a server with a reasonable queue time.

@Cybearman Just watched Millennium Actress on Amazon Prime Video a couple weeks ago. Also bought Perfect Blue on Blu-ray recently. Love Satoshi Kon's work. Wish he didn't go so soon.

A long series of Studio Ghibli AWESOME! Piece Theatre! presentations begin this upcoming weekend!
Sat. Aug. 31 - 8:00 PDT
Sat. Aug. 31 - 11:00 EDT
Sat. Aug. 31 - 16:00 BST
Sun. Sept. 1 - 0:00 JST

I'm almost prepared for these upcoming Studio Ghibli APTs.

@MissBlow If anyone is subbed to Hulu in the US, you can stream Grave of the Fireflies through that.

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