i feel like an eggo waffle rn

what the fuck does that mean

goin to japan this april

where do i find da anime bitches at

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This poll is very important to me so choose wisely. Y'all put chips on your sandwiches?

2010: halo reach
2011: skyrim
2012: black ops 2
2013: the last of us
2014: destiny
2015: the witcher 3
2016: titanfall 2
2017: breath of the wild
2018: god of war (mhw at a very close second)
2019: (i haven't played shit this year except for destiny 2, so i'm going with that ig lol)

Why the fuck did my mom buy two christmas trees. I am so livid at her I want to be disowned by her and live with my dad

I remember when I met a friend named Khaleb, and when I figured out that his name was spelt like Khaleb instead of Caleb, I told him that his whole life is a typo

omg @lore is back now i can call them racial slurs again it's been too long

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Hey buddies! I’ve just uploaded a collection of 8-Bit musicy things I’ve been working on in Dreams! twitter.com/18bit_music/status

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